Catering is available in a limited capacity.  To reserve your date please book early.
The following options are available for “make you own bars”.
Food is prepared and ingredients are placed in disposable containers,
ready for pick up at Taco Inn.
For large orders — delivery, set up in commercial equipment and pick up of the equipment is available.  There is an extra fee based on time and mileage.
For information or to place an order email us at
Advanced reservation of 1 to 2 weeks is suggested
TACO BAR — $5.99 per person
This bar includes meat, lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and
1 hard shell and 1 soft shell per person.
With this bar we also include corn chips and original salsa.
NACHO BAR$6.99 per person
This bar include corn & flour chips, cheese sauce, beans, meat, sour cream,
tomatoes, lettuce, olives, onions, jalapeno peppers and salsa.
TACO/NACHO BAR$8.49 per person 
This is a combination of the two bars, allowing both tacos and nachos.
Prices are subject to change for variations, changes,  special requests or food prices.